The future of customer experience after COVID-19

In this special edition of the Connecting the Dots podcast, we speak with three experts about life for CX professionals after the coronavirus pandemic.

In January 2020, Forrester predicted that the role of the customer experience professional had reached a crossroads, and that as many as one in four CX pros could lose their jobs through the year because they weren’t showing enough business impact.

This was the landscape even before COVID-19, and whilst at the time it seemed like a somewhat sensationalised and provocative outlook, now, as many countries around the globe approach a fourth month in lockdown as a result of the pandemic, it’s beginning to look less extreme than originally assumed.  

In this podcast, we talk to Ian Golding, CEO and founder of the Customer Experience Consultancy, Jeanne Bliss, the founder and CEO of Customer Bliss, and Keith Gait, the customer service director for Stagecoach Bus. 

As  key members of the CXPA, trainers, consultants, authors and industry voices, Ian and Jeanne share some valuable advice about how customer experience professionals can prove their worth during this time of uncertainty, whilst Keith Gait gives us the inside track on what the crisis has been like heading up CX within a business heavily affected by it; whilst also recovering from the virus himself. 

Also discussed: 

  • The impact the coronavirus crisis has had on many CX leaders.
  • Whether the role of CX will change as a result of the crisis.
  • Why CX professionals will need to be more scientific and agile in the future services they provide.
  • The importance of CX being a vehicle for capturing customers’ emotion and sentiment in the future.  

Originally appeared on MyCustomer

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