Holiday Marketing trends 2020
holiday marketing
by Chris Weissman, Contributor to Business 2 Community Just as Covid-19 has impacted our personal and work lives, so has it disrupted consumer markets in more ways than one. But how things would shake out post-lockdown has been a big question since March. Now, with California research outfit Ignite Visibility’s latest study, we finally have some...
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Consumer Holiday Marketing
by JJ Tyson, Contributor to Business 2 Community Each year, a palpable shift occurs in consumer spending during the holiday season: shoppers become more impulsive. Suddenly, even reserved buyers who may normally require months to make a purchase are driven to convert. In fact, 1 out of every 3 purchases during the holiday season is an impulse...
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holiday shopping trends 2020
by criteo.com Marketers often look at last year’s holiday trends to understand how to plan this year’s advertising campaigns. But looking to the past—like what happened during Black Friday 2019—won’t be enough to prepare for Holiday Season 2020. So this time around, we decided to go right to the source of holiday trends 2020: shoppers...
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