Which Types of Media Ads to People Enjoy?

By Marketing Charts

A slim majority (55%) of US adults report being at least somewhat willing to pay for a premium subscription to skip ads on various platforms, according to survey results [download page] from Quantilope. It’s likely they’re more apt to pay to skip ads on some platforms than others, given how they feel about different ad types.

Digital Ads Preferences

Asked how they feel about ads in a variety of media, respondents were most apathetic about those in print media. Almost half (47%) said they’re indifferent about ads in print media, such as magazines. Among the remainder, considerably more enjoy (24%) or love (11%) them than don’t enjoy (13%) or hate (6%) them.

Interestingly, that’s the case for each of the media types measured, with more respondents reporting a favorable than unfavorable stance to ads. Again, though, the extent to which that’s the case varies.

The most mixed opinions are reserved for ads in audio streaming platforms (such as podcasts, music, e-books). Some 35% enjoy or love them, while 34% don’t enjoy or hate them. That third (34%) who don’t enjoy or hate them slightly exceeds the share for any other medium. Consumers should brace themselves for more ads in audio streaming platforms, though: audio was the fastest-growing digital advertising medium last year.

Meanwhile, one-third (33%) of adults surveyed either don’t enjoy or hate ads in social media platforms, though this is exceeded by the 40% who either enjoy or love them.

When comparing ads in video streaming platforms with those on cable, a similar share of respondents reported dislike for each (30% and 31%, respectively). However, adults were more likely to be indifferent about ads on cable than in streaming video, and less likely to enjoy or love them.

Finally, somewhat surprisingly, a full 43% of respondents said they either enjoy (27%) or love (16%) ads on websites.

In other results from the survey, more people said they watch TV/streaming video (80%), such as Netflix and Disney+, than use broadcast media (55%), such as cable and radio. Almost 8 in 10 (79%) reported using social media, while 55% listen to streaming music and 35% to podcasts.

Article originally appeared on Marketing Charts.

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