What Challenges Are Brands Facing When Reaching Target Audiences?

By Marketing Charts

Socio-economic topics are set to have a significant impact on marketing strategies this year, with inflation one area that has caused changes in marketers’ approach. A recent survey from Vericast, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found that most marketers have adjusted their advertising programs as a result of the current environment.

Target Audiences

Some ways in which they’ve done so including experimenting with engagement techniques (59%) and changing target audiences (49%). But when reaching target audiences, brands face a variety of challenges, some bigger than others.

The most-cited difficulty is interpreting customer data and understanding the needs of the moment, as cited by a majority (54%) of respondents. Close behind, some 53% say that face obstacles in creating personalized advertising experiences. And half are challenged by driving insights from customer data, a common challenge for marketers.

Consumers are facing difficulties of their own, and empathy for customers and a deep understanding of their needs is crucial to meeting their expectations. Still, close to half (46%) of the Vericast survey respondents find it challenging to express empathy in their ads, and a similar share (44%) are struggling to strike the right emotional tone given what may be happening in the world.

More encouragingly, fewer (23%) are unsure which promotions will be most effective, and only 1 in 5 (19%) say they can’t change their strategy quickly enough to respond to unforeseen events.

It seems that brands have been able to adapt their messaging, as two-thirds (67%) have created more targeted promotions, and 6 in 10 (61%) have changed their messaging to focus on cost savings.

Article originally appeared on Marketing Charts.

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