[Webinar] Understanding the New Mover Journey to Drive Marketing Programs

When people move, they’re faced with several major purchase decisions. As a result, these consumers are more likely to try new brands for various products and services.

What is your brand doing to engage with this lucrative audience?

New mover marketing is a powerful, highly predictive omnichannel tool that has evolved to be a key part of your customer acquisition and retention strategies. Leveraging the ability to predict a move can support your segmentation, targeting, and messaging strategies during a move journey.

Watch this webinar with guest speaker, Ben Litvinas, SVP, Data Science & Analytics of Realtor.com, as he explores the advantages of using strategies to predict and market to new movers. 

Key Topics

  • The value of predicting when a consumer buys a home
  • Understanding the mover journey in order to fine-tune messaging at key stages in the move process
  • The first time homebuyer – what makes them choose to rent or buy and how to leverage that prediction to support your business goals
  • How a marketing team should work with their internal analytics teams to create a marketing program
  • Is your team measuring the right metrics to determine success?

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The 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing

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