Marketers Take A Closer Look at Identity Solutions

By Marketing Charts

Google may have delayed third-party cookie deprecation, but 6 in 7 marketers and publishers believe Google will eventually sunset them whether in 2024 or after, according to a report [download page] from Lotame. As a result, urgency is growing among both groups to select identity solutions.

Identity Solutions

In this latest report, 37% of marketers surveyed tabbed the urgency of selecting identity solutions as a top-2 box on a 5-point scale, double the share (18%) who said so in a similar report in February 2021. Just 26% rated it a bottom-2 box in terms of urgency, half the share (52%) from last year.

Likewise, 35% of publishers this year tagged this urgency as a top-2 box, up from 14% last year. Just 28% rated it a bottom-2 box in urgency, down from 60% last year.

The vast majority (84%) of marketers and publishers show an appetite for testing various identity solutions, from probabilistic to contextual, cohorts, and authenticated, email-based solutions. Last year’s survey found that most marketing decision-makers believed that multiple identity solutions will be needed, as long as they are interoperable.

So far, marketers surveyed for the report say they’ve had good experiences with identity solutions (which may be why few intend to replace them). Around one-third credit them with more efficient inventory buying (35%), and roughly one-quarter have enjoyed access to more premium inventory (26%). They’re about twice as likely to have seen improved (32%) than lowered (15%) CTRs and to have had better (23%) than worse (10%) CPMs. At the same time, almost 1 in 4 (23%) report more expensive CPMs.

Separately, when asked about new marketing technologies they’ll adopt in the next 6 months to a year, marketers were most likely to cite marketing automation platforms, followed by digital experience platforms and customer data platforms. Among adtech solutions, data management platforms are the most likely to be adopted, ahead of ad verification platforms.

Finally, some 37% of marketers plan to invest more in walled gardens once third-party cookies go away, in line with other research showing that social media companies will benefit from cookie deprecation. Still, 36% are concerned about business growth if their business is unable to target outside walled gardens, and 31% feel constrained to using walled gardens for acquisition.

Aside from walled gardens, connected TV (CTV) looks like a “bright spot” – with other research also showing that the deprecation of third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs will lead to a net positive investment in CTV. In order to spend more on CTV, marketers responding to Lotame’s survey are most interested in higher quality targeting data, followed by a more efficient planning or buying process.

Article originally appeared on Marketing Charts.

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