Mover Marketing Challenge #1: Accessing Data

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Meet Luci Rainey

Luci Rainey, former SVP of Marketing at PODS and Comcast, joins us to offer her insights and real-world experience on how to overcome the challenges of mover marketing and leverage your program to its full potential.

*The following content has been adapted from V12’s Movers and Shakers Podcast, which can be found here.

Challenge #1: Accessing Data

Anders: Luci, can you share your high-level take on each of these concerns/challenges.

Source: The 2022 Marketer’s Perspective on Mover Marketing

Luci:  As you know, data is everything. Most marketing efforts, strategies, campaigns, and initiatives, start with data. What is the data telling us? What are the insights? How do we make those insights actionable? 

When people think of mover marketing, and I’ve had a couple of people say this to me recently, they often think of direct mail. “Oh, that’s old school. I don’t do direct mail anymore.”

However, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Mover marketing is much more sophisticated than that today and is about accessing the data and getting the right data to really predict movers.

It’s now as “new school” as can be. This is really a digital effort now. Sure, direct mail is important and you’re still getting those credit card offers in the mail and other types of catalogs and offers in the mail. I know I got coupons when I moved. But if you can access the right data that makes the right prediction about movers, it can become very powerful for you.

On top of that, if you can also find a data product that helps you leverage intent and signals, you can get even more accurate.

In my previous career roles, my goal was to figure out which of my customers were about to move and how do I market to them so I can retain them so they don’t go to my competitor. How do I make it easy for them to move with me.

And it’s not just the obvious businesses that should be using mover marketing. In my former life, I was in the cable industry. However, I was really surprised to see in V12’s research that automotive was also an industry that should be marketing to movers. A little more intuitive is insurance and the home improvement industry.

But there are many business verticals that should be looking at movers as a segment. If you map your customer journey, you will see that. The place to start is to figure out, how do I reach those movers and really access the data.

Anders: I’m sure that with you having overseen data science teams, you would get disparate datasets from different places and your team would have to join all this data together to get to the insights to figure out if this is going to work or is it not.

V12 has merged and integrated all the key mover data, property data, household, garage, and shopping data so that marketers can really concentrate on the insights, how to message it, and how to put an offer in front of a consumer that makes sense.

I’m struck still at the frustration for marketers who are still just at the basic standpoint of, “Oh, I got a dataset of movers from this vendor, and now what do I do?”

I think there’s a better way. It’s a matter of finding a partner that’s done the work and merged all the foundational insight about movers, including where they are moving from, where they are moving to, insights about their house, and what they’re shopping for. 

Luci: I’m here to attest that those were all the things that I was looking for as a marketer trying to reach movers and predict movers. For me, it was largely on the retention side. How do I keep my own customers? It’s much less expensive for me to keep my own customers than market to and try to grab a brand new customer or get somebody to switch. Although those are certainly campaigns you want to do and that can be very successful.

But again, if you can figure out who is moving and when, where are they moving from, and where are they moving to – that’s a lot of magic.

There are not a lot of datasets out there that have a “move to and from” address. There are not a lot of data sets that can also predict the pre-move.

It’s not surprising that when you survey marketers, one in four marketers say they just don’t know how to get started doing this, and that one in five says they just have zero ability to really identify movers.

A lot of the older mover marketing solutions was about targeting post movers using USPS data or leveraging large brand name data companies to execute campaigns based on post-move data. Post-move is still important today, but a lot of decisioning about purchases are made pre-move.

Movers do a ton of shopping and a ton of research before they leave their current residence. They know they’re moving, they’ve got time and they want to get an idea of what they want to do before moving or buying a new home. Do they need new furniture? Are they going to buy a new car? They start to think of all these things early, and it’s really in that pre-move timeframe that you want to be in front of somebody.

We did a webinar with Jennifer Renaud, who is CMO of Masonite. It was so interesting to hear from her that people think about changing their doors when they move to a new home. But the time that they actually change them, repair them or fix them is right before they move.

Masonite owns a good portion of the door market, and Jennifer is really starting to look at the trends of consumers who are moving. That’s a perfect example of an item that you would think consumers purchase post-move, but actually, it’s really often done pre-move.

It really all starts with the data.

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