[On-Demand Webinar] How to Use Precision Targeting to Drive New Service Customers

It’s been a tough year for selling cars. Although sales are on the rise, they are nowhere near where they should be due to the semiconductor chip shortage resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. With production at a standstill, there are simply fewer cars on the lot to sell. In this on-demand webinar, V12 focuses on actionable ways dealerships can drive business today to the service department. Specific areas of focus will include:

  • Conquest New Customers – Learn how to use rich data insights to understand what types of vehicles consumers around your dealership are driving, who is already a consumer, and how to reach them at home or online.
  • Reach Consumers Across Channels – Hear how have partnered with a media company to target exactly who you want to reach on the programs your target audience is watching. Learn how to pair these campaigns with social media outreach, email messaging and direct mail to target your audience with precise messaging when it matters most.
  • Target New Movers – A significant and often overlooked opportunity to find more service customers is by targeting new movers to the neighborhood. Studies have shown that 57% of new homeowners own or lease two automobiles and that 54% will need auto repair services within the first six months of moving.

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