[Podcast] Interview with Andy Frawley

This episode features Andy Frawley, CEO of V12, as he discusses his book “Igniting Customer Connections”.  The book showcases lessons about how brands are driving their businesses by delivering the kinds of experiences that consumers demand.

Specific topics featured in this episode include:

  • How Emotion Impacts Marketing
  • The Role of Data, Technology and Creative
  • Atomic Moments of Truth
  • Return on Engagement
  • Quantifying the Impact of Emotional Connections
  • How the Concept of Customer Connections is Evolving
  • The intersection of Martech and Adtech
  • The New Marketing Business Environment
  • Analytics to Improve Outcomes 

Interested in being featured in an upcoming podcast? Reach out to V12’s VP of Marketing, Larisa Bedgood, at lbedgood@v12data.com. 

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