7 in 10 CTV Viewers Will Share Some Data to Improve the Ad Experience

by Marketing Charts

Ad-supported streaming video on demand (SVOD) has increased in popularity, with a recent Integral Ad Science (IAS) survey [download page] of more than 1,200 US connected TV users revealing that 9 in 10 (91%) watch some form of ad-supported streaming video content.

The majority (63%) of those CTV users who are watching ad-supported CTV are doing so in order to save money, while one-third (32%) say they pay too much for other streaming video services. Some are attracted to the large pool of content to choose from (30%) or being able to find content not available elsewhere (30%), while an unsurprisingly small fraction (8%) are watching ad-supported CTV because they like watching ads.

In comparing CTV features to traditional TV, a full 90% of respondents cite features of the CTV ad experience that are better than linear TV. These features include the ability to skip certain ads (43%), shorter ads (43%), fewer ads (38%), shorter ad breaks (34%) and fewer ad breaks (33%).

Notably, these are the same features that CTV users believe would improve the CTV ad experience. Indeed, fewer ads (50%) and the ability to skip certain ads (49%) were the top suggestions for improving ads on CTV.

Previous research shows that close to 6 in 10 CTV viewers prefer to see ads for products they are interested in. This implies they desire some degree of personalization in the ad they are exposed to.

The IAS survey reveals that CTV users are open to sharing at least some personal information to improve their ad experience. Users are most comfortable sharing the types of shows that they watch regularly (44%). A near equal percentage of respondents are willing to share anonymous demographic data about themselves (31%), the time of day they watch CTV (31%) and length of time they spend watching CTV (30%).

However, not everyone is willing to share their personal information. Some 3 in 10 (31%) users say that they are not comfortable sharing any data.

Article originally appeared on Marketing Charts.

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