February 24, 2020
Automotive Marketing 2020
by Derek Andersen, DialogTech As the digital advertising landscape gets more competitive and automotive industry growth slows, marketers must do more with less budget. The majority of vehicle shoppers start their journey by finding and comparing dealerships online, usually through searches. When they’ve completed their research, they often convert by calling. To acquire more customers in...
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Next Best Action
by Greg Kihlstrom, President and Chief Experience Officer at Cravety. Organizations are increasingly thinking more holistically about how to guide consumers through the buyer’s journey in order to maximize results. A combination of marketers, experience teams, technology teams and others have been gravitating toward optimizing their entire customer experience in order to attract and retain...
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Artificial Intelligence
by Beatrice Mcgraw, Digital Marketing Manager at international B2B marketplace ExportHub. Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) provides superior solutions to bridge the gap between analytics and execution. It is the process of going through massive piles of data to originate positive results. As per the courtesy of Forbes, retailers invested around 5.9 billion US dollars on...
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